• The co-branding prepaid credit card for your customers
  • The safe way - expand in new regions
  • Increase the value of your brand - sustainable and cost-efficient
  • Advertise in your design on your own prepaid Mastercard
  • Corporate identity on the card

The co-branding prepaid credit card for your customers

cobrandingcard24/7 - the safe way - in new regions.


We and our partners provide the professional implementation of your own co-branded prepaid cards from Mastercard and VISA.


Together with our partner, one of the leading companies offering co-branded prepaid credit cards, we enable your company, your society or your club to launch your own VISA and Mastercard credit card on the market.


Multiply the visibility and image of your company, increase your sales and ensure your customers think of your brand and your logo every time they make a purchase with their co-branded prepaid credit card. Strengthen the relationship between your company and your customers and employees. There are many different ways to use a co-branding prepaid credit card for promotional purposes. Take this great opportunity!


We offer a versatile and customer-oriented implementation of your card program. We provide programs for defined user groups, purchasing groups, solutions for direct marketing, for promotion of new products, etc .......


Why cobrandingcard24/7?

The cobrandingcard24/7 offers a larger range of individual solutions. Compared to other companies on the credit card market, cobrandingcard24/7 is flexible and more innovative. It takes you directly to the destination without detours! We offer a credit card program tailored to your business. You define your targets, together we develop your concept and cobrandingcard24/7 undertakes the implementation.


What is co-branding? What is a co-branding prepaid credit card?

Co-branding (also cobranding) is the use of established brands, in our case MasterCard and VISA, to better market your products. The most common form of co-branding is prepaid credit card co-branding. Your brand name on a Mastercard or visa credit card!


Contact us: my@cobrandingcard.com