• The Isle solution for your customers and employees on your terminals
  • Own branch solution´s
  • Additional e-wallet
  • Added value for your customers and your business
  • Boost the image of your company
  • Increase the value of your brand - sustainable and cost-efficient

CobrandingCard Solution - CCS

CobrandingCard Solution from cobrandingcard24/7 - the best way to take advantage of a co-branding prepaid card.

CobrandingCard Solution - CCS offers, tailored to the needs of your company and your clients prepaid card program. You have the challenge - we have, CobrandingCard Solution CCS. Customer specific ATM´s or your own e-wallet area, Software, Hardware, Branch Solutions .......

Existing or - CUSTOMER OWN -  programs give you the opportunity to win new customers and keep existing customers.

Increase the awareness and the image of your company and increase your sales. Ensure your customers think of your brand and your logo every time they make a purchase with their co-branded prepaid card. Strengthen the relationship between your company and your customers and employees. There are many different ways to use a co-branding prepaid card for promotional purposes. Take this great opportunity!





CobrandingCard Solution - CCS from cobrandingcard24/7!


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